Come Like A Gentle Wind

Bonjour mes chers,

I believe I belong to the majority of the women when the wind blows and the first thing I think about is that my hairstyle is ruined. But when the wind blows heavier I stretch out my arms and let myself be led by the wind thinking, who knows where or to whom it will lead me? A gentle wind is sometimes all that it takes to come back to the common sense; we breathe it and we go out to search for it along with its freshness that will charge us and lead us to new ways.

Trust the wind, whenever it catches you it has something to tell. It tells you to let go and go on. Catch the wind and go with it. Dance to it feel free and free yourself from the boundaries. Widen your territory if it is necessary jump through the gap to enter the advanture of your life. We all have to leave once but we will keep in touch and meet again when it is time to reunite with the wind.

Blouse - Peek & Cloppenburg
Skinny jeans - Vero Moda
High heels - Akira/Görtz17
Necklace - Karstadt
Bracelet - Douglas
Watch - Dolce & Gabbana

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Grey Mouse? No,Thanks.

Hey dears,

why do we have spring or why do we have summer when we know that we are predestined to be exposed to the deep, cold winter or rather strong, embracing summer? Are we really that weak to have the need of a smooth transition before we enter either the darkness or the brightness? After all, who warms us when an accident happens, when we get surprised or when something may it be good or bad suddenly occurs?
No one, so there is no excuse if we do not use the chances we are given. There is just one moment and the opportunity to sink in or not, we not always have the time of three months to prepare and create the best of the moment given. Sometimes we do not even have three seconds.

Instead of pitying yourself go out and face the extreme. Face yourself and stop thinking, do what you have to do and then, just do it. No matter if it is wrong or write, do it. Because if you do not you will regret it for a lifetime. It is not about to hide.

Thanks to Miu Nails & Wellness to the great nails and service.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

It's All About Love

Hello my beautiful people,

what is the word you get to hear the most? For what concerns me I guess it is "love". Four letters, one word, thousands of meanings.

I get to hear it the most because I speak out this word very much in my everyday life. I love you, I love him, I love it... I simply love love!
I love to love, I love to be loved and I love to feel love. It does not even have to concern me necessarily. But love is the best thing in this world. It is the term that is hardest to express but that makes it even easier to explain and understand without words. Love is the purest thing because it is honesty, it is motivation and inspiration and it is the fortune of all being. Love might hurt or be mean sometimes but let us be honest, love keeps us going. We are living to love and we love to live. Love the feeling that keeps us alive, After all the most influencial poets and artists Wilhem Busch once said: "The sum of our life are the hours in which we loved."
Everything has to be about love and passion. Whether it is worth it in the end or not, if you do not do it with love do not expect the result to be good.

It is all about love.

dungarees, t-shirt - Laura Beauté
high heels - Deichmann
watch - Chanel
necklace, earrings - SIX
lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Shopaholic Goodies

Hey my dears,

if you remember we have once talked about it that advanced shopping-addicts have made the shop assistants their friends to enjoy an even better service and discount. Today I want to talk about another benefit you have if you have a shop-assistant or beauty or rather outfit-advisor as a friend. Apart from the discount it is probable for you to receive some extra-gifts in addition to your shopping.

Since I am a good shopper I did so on my last shopping before holidays about one month ago and well, what can I say, thank you Mrs. Z. (name anonymous).

Let us get more precize...

First I have bought some personal must-haves since I am very much into the rock-style what for leather, black and silver accents (here by Swarowski) are a must in my closet. Apart from that I have found a shower gel by Calvin Klein to add to my perfume-collection and a spring-twin-set to  decorate my room with. Last but not least I have bought a little cosmetics-bag with a rocky vintage peace-symbol out of straw which is perfectly matching to summer.

And therefore I received just as nice gifts:

First I received some beauty products two shower gels by Lacoste and Gucci's newest fragrance Bamboo, a lipgloss in a cherry shade and a set by Lancôme's fragrance "La Vie Est Belle" which is unusually sweet but intensive which is typical for Lancôme fragrances. addition I received two bags, a cosmetics bag by the new James Bond fragrance and a small shopper.

As always you can apply for the prizes via private message on my networks or via e-mail.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

I Brought You Fashion

Bonjour mes chers,

holidays in France would not be complete with shopping and bringing the latest fashion trends home from the fortune of fashion.

Check out my new in and the teasers of the coming fall trends.

The colors are becoming darker but more intensive and the clothes are becoming bolder therefore bold statement jewelleries are staying. The trend that has been highly celebrated within Russian celebrities at least since spring of this year is working according to the moto that you should not 
be sparing the jewellery. Therefore: Time for some charge.

A summer cardigan is irreplaceable for gentle breezy late-summer-nights. 
What I like about these ones is the manufacturing of lace on the back
what makes the outfit elegant and sexy at once. So I could not resist to
buy it in the basic colors. 

Something else I needed to have in two colors since I needed to charge 
these colors in my closet grey and navy and what could be better than
buying two slip-overs which you can versatilely combine?

The summer dresses were unbeatable in this year's collection the best
thing was that I could bring in more yellow. For people with sounthern
origin having dark hair and eyes especially yellow is a very well 
matching color and the same dress in blue was a must-have for me.

I have found my dream-dress in Cannes. I always wanted to have this kind
of dress which I have worn and bought on my birthday there.

This asymmetric dress was another must-have for me. It is the perfect
party dress and brown is a great colorto wear especially for the dark season.

This dress reminded me of one of my fashion ideals Duchess Catherine.
It was so elegant that I had to have it.

This glamorous dress was a real eye-catcher. My mother almost forced me
to buy it.

Another eye-catcher that was the most spontaneous buying ever. This
freaky blouse is matching to a freaky person like me.

Real tourists and French Riviera lovers need to have an original souvenir
made in Cannes. And an art lover like me could not resist to wear a piece
of art.

Finally I have found what I have been looking for already
long before my holidays. The dungarees have become a
highly celebrated trend this season but for me they are
just essential.

The red pump is a must-have in every closet. One of my personal trends 
is the silver at the front.

Last but not least some must-have inspirations and a name-necklace from 
Monaco with love.

As usual you can contact me privately for prizes and more details on my networks or e-mail. Stay tuned for the converted looks.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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