Tutti Frutti

Hello my sweet ones,

I hope you enjoyed the sweetness of the fashion, trends and extra campaigns I have recently presented you because today it is going to be fruity and sour as I have warned you in January and February.

Enjoy the delicious taste of summer and spring, get the beach feeling already now by mixing your own cocktail with citrus colors of lime, lemon or orange as dominating trend colors of the month.

And even though it is mostly grey and rainy in April the sun is shining in our heart  and  the warm feelings awake with this trend of pastel colors. You feel and see the tenderness of spring so much that it opens your heart.

The harmony can already be felt from the outfit I am wearing where I bring together the three sour citrus colors and matched them. Black is - as Liz Malraux already said when she presented her Spring/Summer 2014 collection "just an accent".

T-shirt - L&B
Blazer - Tally Weijl
Skirt - She by Karstadt
Tights - Falke
Plateaus - Style in
Bracelet - New Look
Necklace, green ring - Bijou Brigitte
Watch - Dolce Gabbana

Which is going to be your cocktail?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

New In For Easter

Bonjour mes chers,

I hope you had relaxing and happy Easter days, for us Christians it is the happiest event right after Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, because he has resurrected after he was crucified on the Good Friday for our all sins. This resurrection showed us that our sins can and will be forgiven.

Apart from the religious point I also love Easter because of the Easter or rather mid-season sales. My best friend New Look was included in these sales, too.
Check out my new in below:

 A comfortable to wear beautiful, big, silver bracelet according to my taste, chosen by mother, by New Look.

 When I went shopping I thought I need a beautiful big and gold necklace. It was as if my mother had 
known that so she saved this one by New Look for me to like and buy - look following soon!

 Not only stripes stay and get hyped and chased as if the trend was set
yesterday but also the Polka dots from last year and of course a vintage
and blouse freak had to take this by New Look.

I chose to buy only things I really don't have in my closet and 
necessarily need but firstly you can't say no to the washing of 
these high-waist sexy slim jeans by New Look and also I 
needed new summer jeans.

The shade and blue of these earrings caught my eyes and captured my eyes so that I had to by these
elegant pastel colored earrings by SIX. 

And also this SIX-limited necklace seemed to have waited for me because just last year I have bought
trendy "blue-mood" earrings in this style and now I have found the perfect necklace.

And here and some gift from my dear grandmother and mother - mother and daughter have a very good taste!

Thank you by darlings ♥

What about you? What did you get for Easter?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Romwe - Exclusive Sale!

Hi sweethearts,

Lively little zebra for any style you like: www.romwe.com/romwe-sexy-little-zebra-leggings-p-83911.html

My lovely fans, inner coupon for you: 10%offleggings

Save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

GIVEAWAY - Sexy Little Zebra Leggings - Exklusive by Romwe

Hi my dear followers,

Little Zebra Leggings Giveaway worldwide!

How to get:

- add a comment to show your love to the sexy leggings at product page : http://www.romwe.com/romwe-sexy-little-zebra-leggings-p-83911.html

- follow me on gfc and one other social network.

- follow Romwe on Facebook

leave a comment following my poster too.

One winner will be picked 5 days later. Good Luck to all of you!

By the way, the stripe leggings will be $15.99 on 24th April. Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans: 10%offleggings It’ll help you save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April.

Save the date!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Must-Have: Romwe Sexy Little Zebra Leggings

Hi my amazing followers,

it is already and at least the fourth season in a row that the trend of stripes is celebrated, hyped and chased in the world of fashion.

Firstly introduced in the 1960s it was brought back by the LV SS show and now you nearly don't see anyone without stripes anymore. They became a must in every closet.

The number one online shop to order must-have striped legging is - surprise, surprise - Romwe. If you dress and shop with them you're not only equipped with all rounders but also dressed in the latest trends of fashion with a meaningful name.

I am wearing my superhot leggings with my as hot "Coco Made Me Do It" tee and gather two giants of all rounders by Romwe combining them in a classy black/white to a rocky 90s look with metallic accents and black leather.

Little fashion tip: To the leggings it is recommendable to wear a longer or rather larger t-shirt.

Leggings - Romwe
T-shirt - Romwe
Bracelets - Douglas
Boots - Guess
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Love Wins Everything!

Hello my beloved readers,

"What do you love most in your life?", I was asked. 
"Your family?" - no. 
"Your friends?" - no. 
"Yourself?" - no. 
"What then?" - love!

Yes, love. To love and to be loved is the most wonderful feeling in this world. Humanity needs love just like flowers need water to blossom. Love is secure for us human and it brings out the best of us, even a side of which we didn't know it existed.

Apart from that love is the beginning of everything: we always associate love with hearts, even if the human heart looks different, love keeps us alive with our heart.

Because of that love wins everything (omnia vincit amor), if we keep believing in love and do whatever we do with love.

And because spring is the time to fall in love I am making this statement with my beloved heart-blouse by Romwe worn in a spring look with bright shades.

Blazer - New Yorker
Belt - Kookai
Jeans - New Look
Pumps - Buffalo
Watch - D&G
Earrings - Bijour Brigitte

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

Birgit Õigemeel's 'Uus Algus'

Tere minu kallid,

that's Estonian for "hello my dears" and I chose to greet you in that language today because it is going to be Estonian in this article.

If you follow me on Instagram (Fall4Me_JK) you will know that I have had a fantastic start into the new week among others because I could spend some wonderful hours with my best friend from Estonia -before he continued his journey with another friend whom I got to know. 

He left me all speechless when took out the gift for me: Birgit Õigemeel's new album 'Uus Algus' (Engl.: New Beginning).

The Europeans among you will remember Birgit from last year's Eurovision Song Contest with her beautiful ballade 'Et Uus Saaks Alguse' (Engl.: That The New Would Be A Beginning) which is of course also included in her album.

Besides from beautiful ballades with spice the album 'Uus Algus' contains - besides from a very touching thank speech - pop songs that are saying (as I say it) "stand up, go out and discover the world!"

As it can be seen already on the album cover Birgit was as angel-like in her whole album as she was on the Eurovision stage. 

Now there comes the part where you would except from me to tell you what my favorite song is. The choice was very hard for me because all 11 songs were special and beautiful in their own way. But I have pulled myself together and chose "Olen Loodud Rändama"(Engl.: I Am Made For Journey) because I can identify with it very well, "Kolm Kuud" (Engl.: Three Months) because of the song's strength and "Et Uus Saaks Alguse" because the title is a very true message and it is touching my heart every time anew even after one year when I listen to it with enthusiasm.

With her new album Birgit didn't only let me all impressed but inspired me to start working on another 10 songs for a possible second album I am taking aim for. Because that I give her album a thumb up with five stars.

Now it is up to you: go and discover her album! Or as Birgit said to me: "I hope you will enjoy it", I did Birgit and I still do! :)

Xoxo ♥ Johanna
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